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St Peter's Episcopal Church


St Peter's Episcopal Church is a lively spiritual fellowship with a diverse congregation of people. They strive to be open-minded, inclusive and spiritually stimulating.


The church is a “jewel” in Carson City’s Historic District.  They are blessed with a rich heritage of community involvement and sacred activism. They put their faith into action by sharing Christ’s gifts of unlimited love transformation and new life, especially with those who suffer from poverty, violence and injustice.

Their Vision:
To embrace everyone’s sovereign relationship with God, as we welcome all into spiritual growth through Worship, Education, Fellowship, Civic Engagement, and St. Peter’s History & Legacy.

Their Promises to You:

  • You will experience spiritual freedom to affect personal and global healing

  • You will receive support on your journey through our fellowship of love and prayer

  • You will find a safe place to explore an historic faith, the roots of faith and the future of your faith

  • You will satisfy your intellectual and spiritual curiosity

  • You will join an inter-generational excitement

  • You will connect with others and find an inner peace “which passes all understanding”

  • You will claim your place within the Communion of the Saints!



305 N Minnesotta St

Carson City, NV



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