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Just Brew It


Home brewing is concocting and fermenting beers and wines at home. Just Brew It has ingredients, recipes, books, guides, and all the supplies you need to make quality beer and wine at home. They are looking in to offering brewing classes periodically for new brewers and those who would like to have a detailed visual instruction with some added tips and tricks that they’ve learned over the years. In support of the “do it yourself” attitude, they also have a Made In Nevada section in the store featuring locally-made, gift-type products.

Just Brew It is a husband and wife team with three wonderful children that you may see from time to time as you visit the store. They’ve made home-brew beer for several years and feel home brewing brings people closer because they all get involved in the process. They have friends and family who home brew beer and wine as well.


1214 N Carson St

Carson City, NV



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