Friendship Force Reno - Tahoe


 Friendship Force Reno - Tahoe invites you to experience different views and discover common ground. They offer programs that bring diverse people together into each other's cultures and homes to share one-of-a-kind experiences, not available to regular tourists.

The central activities for the Reno-Tahoe Chapter are planned journeys and home stays.  On all journeys inbound from somewhere else, Ambassadors, as they are called, live with their Hosts and the host club provides a program for a typical six or seven day visit.


Home hospitality is coupled with the cultural exploration of the Reno-Tahoe surrounding area. Members may participate by becoming Hosts, Day Hosts, hosting dinners and/or preparing the overall journey program while making new friends in the process.


Apart from journeys, friendships can also develop from participation in the individual club's social activities.  In the Reno-Tahoe club these include club-wide social events including local theater trips, summer BBQ's, celebration of World Friendship Day activities, an occasional Mystery Trip or other excursion and a yearly Christmas Party.